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Solar Panels in Mountains


RXN HUB is committed to building a sustainable future by ensuring and enabling outsized impact of the ventures we support.


At RXN HUB, we believe that by harnessing the power of chemistry for the greater good, we can solve the planet's most pressing problems.

RXN HUB's Sustainable Efforts

RXN HUB's YGK Scale-Up Centre is located in a near net-zero building and prioritizes decarbonization. The building has been updated to "foster discovery and experimentation" while increasing environmental responsibility and contributing to the region's climate goals. 


The YGK Scale-Up Centre's building is expected to yield an ~85% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025. Beyond the emissions standard of the facilities, the YGK Scale-Up Centre will have an outsized impact through the chemistry-enabled cleantech ventures we support through commercialization.

RXN HUB acknowledges that sustainability goes beyond  environmental factors and takes into account social and economic factors. We are committed to addressing the problems of today in collaboration with aligned stakeholders across our ecosystem.  


If you have ideas on how we can work together to increase our impact, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Impact Evaluation

RXN HUB evaluates the potential environmental benefits that will accrue from the ventures supported through RXN HUB's ecosystem. We want to support ventures with technologies that will significantly reduce the carbon intensity, emission intensity and/or pollutant intensity of the planet. Before we admit a venture into our space, we assess the impact their technology or process will have on the following criteria:

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"It's chemistry that got us into this climate mess, and now, it's chemistry that will get us out."

- From the Executive Director, Sebastian Alamillo-Falkenberg


Sustainable Chemistry Examples

Smart filter for the separation of oil from highly-stable industrial oil/water emulsions.

Removes oils from very difficult to separate industrial emulsions without the use of energy-intensive thermal processing or hazardous demulsifiers. 

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