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Enabling the Cleantech Ecosystem

By supplying shared physical infrastructure & critical resources to innovators, RXN HUB operates a mixed-use hub to support technology development in chemistry and sustainability

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Available Spaces & Amenities Include:

Floor 1
Floor 2
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Working together for a more collaborative, sustainable future.

RXN HUB Was Made for the Ecosystem, by the Ecosystem. 

The ecosystem united to establish RXN HUB as an independent organization dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of the Canadian Cleantech sector. RXN HUB serves as a catalyst for collaboration, driving forward sustainable solutions and fostering a community of innovators. By leveraging the combined strengths of diverse stakeholders, RXN HUB aims to accelerate the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future of clean technology. Our commitment to the ecosystem ensures that we remain responsive to its evolving needs, empowering the Canadian Cleantech sector to lead on a global stage.

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