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RXN HUB Enables Commercialization

By supplying shared physical infrastructure & critical resources for innovators, RXN HUB provides a fully supported go-to-market pathway for chemistry-enabled technologies that address complex sustainability issues

Drawing chemistry

Early Stage 
Ideation & 

RXN HUB helps innovators as they identify their problem or discover their solution by highlighting systems and edge cases. Innovators can access support through RXN HUB’s:

Green Chemistry

Tech &

RXN HUB helps give clarity to early-stage ventures looking for venture building and scale-up planning support. Ventures can access our support through our:

Pilot Plant

& Piloting Facilities 

For technologies in the TRL 4-8
range, RXN HUB offers a specialized piloting program with:

Commercialization facility

& Adoption

RXN HUB helps facilitate 
capital efficient projects between technology providers and market adopters who want founder-friendly engagements. Market adopters can access support through RXN HUB’s:


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Redefining Cleantech Commercialization Together

RXN HUB was made by Founders, for Founders.

To ensure that the RXN HUB was developed with the Founder experience in mind, the ecosystem of founding partners rallied behind a leadership team of experienced Founders. A team that have lived through the chemtech commercialization process themselves and helped others overcome them. At the core of RXN HUB's beliefs is the recognition that providing holistic support to individuals who are willing to take the risks of commercialization is crucial for achieving success.

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