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RXN HUB aims to foster an ecosystem that cultivates sustainability and innovation while upholding our promise of supporting founders in their journeys. 


As an organization developed for founders, by founders, RXN HUB encompasses a mindset that supports your needs for the greater good. Working as an ecosystem, we operate with a long-term vision of supporting a sustainable transition to a greener economy. In a unified approach, we remove roadblocks to allow the right technologies with the right people to get to where they need to be.

Learn more about RXN HUB's ecosystem approach from Dr. Morgan Lehtinen, Director of Commercialization & Co-Founder of RXN HUB.


Address the commercialization gap to see more firms, and their IP, make it to market. 


Enable the development of technologies that reduce North America’s overall toxicity to support the achievement of the national climate strategies (critical minerals, net-zero by 2050, zero plastic waste agenda, etc).


Accelerate the time to market by providing access to infrastructure, trained talent, external markets, and technical support in every feasible way.


Extend the impact of capital invested in start-ups by reducing capital expenditure requirements and increasing a venture's capital efficiency.


Accomplish RXN HUB's vision without taking any IP or equity rights for RXN HUB’s services or the joint services it provides with partners.


Our Ecosystem Members

RXN HUB's Partners

Vendor of Record

At RXN HUB, we believe that when we work together as an ecosystem, we can achieve exponential impact. We have identified leading organizations from across North America that can help your clean technology venture reach its greatest potential. Technical expertise, business development programming, funding opportunities - if you can think it, we know someone who can do it. 

Technical Support

Contract Research / Manufacturing Organizations
Engineering Firms
Safety & Procurement

Business Support

Business Development & Professional Services
Education & Mentorship
Industry Connections

Funding Support

Venture Capital & Angel Investors
Grant Agencies & Wage Subsidies
Other Financing

Interested in connecting with the ecosystem? Contact us here.

While our facilities are under construction, we are still supporting firms through our Innovation Consulting services. We leverage direct relationships, deep technical expertise, and decades of experience to help clients navigate a path through complex innovations.

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